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    煮趣 CSE

    Cooking Skill Exchange


    CSE 煮趣,是一个美食爱好者的线上线下交流平台。我们相信每个人都有自己的美食哲学,这份哲学赋予每一个人最大的自由和尊重。CSE,想要让每一个人的餐桌更健康,更美,更快乐。有美食,不孤单!


    Cooking Skill Exchange(CSE) is a community for who loves cooking.Simple as it is, our cooking events are about having fun, learning through laughters. Join us and learn with us! Never eat alone!




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    意大利 Italy


    Miodrag started by discovering the stoves accidentally and ended up becoming an interesting profile of the new “private chef” dining experience. Embracing different culture has been always is forte, and in cooking he found a very sophisticated approach to mix different flavor that will take you to an immersive experience. Food is his passion and the kitchen is his “canvas", where he paints beautiful composition with an immersive taste. Miodrag started his career as a digital artist before starting his culinary career at the age of 27. He currently lives in Shanghai where he works as a private chef for some prestigious VIP clients , and he often travels around China offering consulting, cooking classes and demo shows. Most notable clients are Ferrero, Coca Cola, Wellmann.


    日本 Japan


    Jun 对于饮食的健康十分讲究并有着深刻的研究,曾经为日本及中国的疗养院及医院等进行营养顾问的他,制作的菜肴讲究营养搭配,味觉的丰富感受以及低碳水化合物的搭配。


    Jun is a professional Japanese chef who has his own phliosophy about cooking.

    He comes from Kobe where his parents run a tofu shop .He learns a lot about food from his parents and also knows it's really not easy to make the best food .His cooking journey started from Chinatown in Kobe,in 2005 he won a cooking contest hosted by Japanese TV program.He moved to Shanghai in 2008 as a head chef in Japanese restaurant.Now he is an indepent chef, resaurant consultant, nutritive consultant and a DJ.

    Hanady Awada

    美国 USA

    Hanady Awada是一名美食博主(www.recipenomad.com),她于2015年开始自己的美食博主生涯。


    制作使用烤箱的烘焙食物是Awada 的热情所在,她也在计划开展自己的厨艺教室,让更多的中国人懂的如何使用烤箱制作简单美味的食物。

    除了撰写自己的美食博客,她同时也是Shanghai Family 的特约撰稿人为读者每月推荐不同的菜谱。

    a food blogger in Shanghai, China. I started the website, Recipe Nomad in 2015, which focuses on delicious recipes that anyone can cook, bake and whip up!

    I began cooking seriously in 2008, catering dinner parties in Germany, United States and London. Many of my dishes draw on my Lebanese family roots, in which I incorporate subtle Middle Eastern flavors into western dishes. I love to share my recipes with others, patiently explaining the correct technique and steps to achieve their true baking and cooking potential.

    As a trained teacher I feel comfortable presenting in a large group and giving clear and simple instructions.

    Creating recipes was once my hobby but it has become my passion. It is my goal to open a cooking school in Shanghai to teach Chinese how to cook and bake western dishes in a fun and caring environment.

    I moved to Shanghai from the United States in 2014. Before relocating to China, I lived in London and Germany. As well as publishing recipes on my blog, I also write a monthly recipe article for Shanghai Family Magazine.

    Ratree Bowes

    泰国 Thailand

    我是Ratree Bowes. 我来自泰国,在曼谷长大。我在一个幸福的大家庭长大,爸爸妈妈2个姐妹以及3个兄弟。






    My Name is Ratree Bowes. I am Thai who was born in Thailand. I’ve grown up in Bangkok.I have lovely family, Dad, Mum, 2 sisters, 3 brothers, a lot of nieces and 1 Nephew.

    My cooking was trained upon my childhood for my 2 Aunties, G Mom in big family. The old day we did not have so many readymade can foods so the ingredients must be started from fresh herbal and spices.

    Standing in front of stove it is a kind of experiment, I had comments from family tasters that trained me to have modified ideas for cooking.

    Cooking is not only for my enjoyable but therefore the people will know about my country “Thai dishes”

    I love when people taste my Thai ingredients and saying that’s “Amazing”

    “Here we go!!! Let know how to cook Thai food “

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